Thursday, August 18, 2011


Restraint is a good thing. It's not always easy, and it can be downright hard at times. For example, I have a hard time using restraint when it comes to certain foods.

Sure, I can eat two potato chips or two mini candies. No problem. After all, the idea is to have something that will put a nice taste in my mouth, and more than two would be unnecessary. Why waste them when they could come in handy later?

The problem is using restraint when adding black pepper to food. It's funny, because I didn't even like pepper until I was well into adulthood. I could eat it if it was already in something, but I probably didn't add it to anything on my plate before I hit my thirties. My tastes changed, and I started using it.

I don't use pepper on everything, but I do like it. So does my husband, which is why I was surprised when his eyes widened one day as he watched me shake pepper onto my food.

I finally found out what his deal was. I had switched from buying regular fine black pepper to coarse ground pepper, and it's much stronger. I understand that it's possible to get too much, but I wasn't even close during the aforementioned incident. Now I have to be careful and use restraint when cooking, since I don't want to ruin his meal by overdoing the pepper.

Things sure have changed over the years. He used to marvel about how much salt I added to my food. Well, I cut back drastically on salt long ago. I guess it's pepper's turn now.


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lissa said...

strange, but I do not see the link to add comments when I'm at the single post of this post but when I click on homepage, it shows up. wonder why.

anyway, I think restraint is good sometimes. for me it's sugar in my tea.

thanks for sharing.

lissa said...

odd, but now I see the 'post a comment' link - must have missed it the first time, suppose I need my eyes check.

have a lovely day.

RNSANE said...

I'm that way with chilis and hot stuff. I really LOVE them and I forget not everyone does!

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Ames said...

Taste does change when you mature. But I still don't like brussel sprouts!~Ames :)

La said...

I love pepper too. Welcome to blogging! La

The Cello Strings said...

what a special favorable entry.

Judie said...

I am really addicted to ALL things spicy--especially Tabasco sauce! And I never use restraint when adding it!!!

Jenny said...

I do the exact same thing! When I got to a restaraunt and they have one of those giant pepper shakes I think I make the grinding guy annoyed...ummm.... no, more please...I say several times!

I'm working on restraint as a philosophy of life. It's going okay so far...but I'm only five days into it!

Thanks for linking up!


H said...

I love black pepper, but not too much :)