Thursday, October 13, 2011


Zombies are popular now, and they even have a few special days devoted to them. In fact, this past Saturday was World Zombie Day.

If you're into AMC's The Walking Dead, you probably already know this, but just in case you don't, this is important. The show returns this Sunday, October 16, at 9pm Eastern. The season premiere will be a 90-minute episode.

Speaking of zombie shows, the CW really should have picked up Awakening. I simply don't believe it would have had worse ratings than H8R, which has already been canned. I really wanted to see Awakening, despite the fact that I have plenty of other shows to watch.


This post is part of Alphabe-Thursday.


Lisa H. said...

My daughter has an 'I Love Zombies' sticker on her car. Actually, it uses a heart symbol for the word love, but you can't do that on the keyboard.

Jen said...

Zombies scare me...Yikes!

Karen S. said...

really, last Saturday was Zombie day...I have a son in law that is Zombie crazy...I'll have to tease him now!

Judie said...

I loved the old zombie movies! They were scary, but today, we would think they were silly! Great "Z" word!!

Lola said...

Great ‘Z’ post! We love to be frightened by zombies!

Happy Alphabe-Thursday!


Julia Williams said...

"World Zombie Day." I guess this just proves that there really, truly IS a day for everything!!! lol.

beckyp said...

Ill have to check that show out

Splendid Little Stars said...

I agree with Judie's comment--The old zombie movies were scary and fun, but would seem silly now.

Andy said...

The old zombie movies were more believable...they even had me scared. Today's zombies are too gory. Each to their own I guess (lol).

Thanks for sharing.

The Evening Zephyr

Jenny said...

Zombies scare me.

When I came up with my quote for the week I found a bunch about zombies. The pictures scared me, though, so I couldn't use them - ha!

Sad but true.

I have been been seeing a lot of zombies on craft blogs!

Thanks for a cute post for the letter Z.

Z you soon!