Thursday, March 29, 2012

Malfunctioning Followers Gadget

I've been having trouble with the followers gadget on one of my blogs, Help Michigan Pets, for months now.

I can't see the followers most of the time; sometimes they briefly show up as it loads, and then they disappear, leaving an empty box where the avatars should be. They show up just fine in the preview (when I'm fiddling with the design), but as soon as I get out of the preview mode, they're gone. So far, nothing I've tried has fixed it.

Some people have reported that their followers gadgets indicate that they don't have any followers yet, but that's a different problem.

One thing I've read is that it has to do with my computer settings. If that were the case, all my blogs would be affected.

Maybe I just need a new template. I'd really like to keep the one I have, but it's looking as if I have no choice. Then again, I have no idea whether that would even fix the problem.

Just a few hours after this post was published, the followers gadget started acting up on this blog too! It comes and goes. This is really discouraging.