Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Pinterest is a fantastic source of photos of just about everything. Many of the pins are of dogs.

I've never been able to resist a picture of a cute dog. In fact, I probably pin more images of dogs than anything else. Most of them are on my Cute Animals board. Some of them are on Animal Welfare, and a few are even at Posters and Quotes.

I can't even begin to name all the terrific people who pin and repin images of dogs. Here are just a few recommendations:

Animal Rescues
Dogster & Catster
Donna Renkel
FeeFee, RN


Empty Nest Insider said...

Cute dog! I haven't gone on Pinterest yet, but I'll have to try it! Julie

Ophelia London said...

So cute. I have a page on my blog for just pix of cute pups. I'm glad to meet a kindred spirit!

Just hopping by on A-Z.

Your blog is way cute!