Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Did you know there are videos on Pinterest? In August 2011, the Pinterest team added the ability to pin videos from YouTube. Earlier this month, videos from Vimeo also became possible. Although no other sources are specifically mentioned, I've noticed videos pinned from many other websites.

Videos have a separate category that brings up all recent video pins. It's also helpful to search for board titles containing the word "videos," although most users don't have boards specifically for videos.

There are many types of videos available on Pinterest. I've come across pins of music videos--which are possibly the majority--as well as animals, activism, humor, and more. The videos are embedded, which means you can watch them without leaving Pinterest.

Here are a few of the pinboards containing videos:

Gerardo Cantu - Must See Videos

Jen Jen - Videos

Liz Paonessa - Favorite Videos

Michelle Wood-Capolino - Videos

Gretchen Devero - Childhood Nostalgia


Bethie said...

It's been interesting to see what others like. I enoyed the posts about books read/need to be read.