Wednesday, April 11, 2012


If you're looking for a new job, have you checked for job listings on Pinterest?

The popularity of social networking has resulted in many companies advertising their products on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest--but that's not all they do. Some actively recruit new employees.

A quick Pinterest search on "jobs" yielded mixed results. Many of the boards merely had titles containing the word "jobs" and weren't relevant to my search. However, I did notice several recruiters, as well as some pinboards about jobs in specific areas. Although many seemed to be placeholders that didn't have any pins yet, some did.

Finding the right job pinboards will take time and involve some trial and error. Here are a few of the results I found:

Terry's Sourcing & Recruiting Talent
Pyramid Consulting Group's Human Resources Jobs
Camile Growmowski's Jobs and Recruiting Skills
Vincent de Meerleer's Jobs in Belgium (only 1 pin so far)

I didn't delve very far down the page, but it seems that Pinterest may be another source for job leads or at least up-to-date news about the job market, interview skills, and other relevant information.

Even if you're not seeking employment, there are other possibilities for job-related pinboards. You could dedicate boards to positions you've held, your dream jobs, interview skills, and job openings in your area.


Laura Marcella said...

Hello, Eliza! This is so interesting. Pinterest isn't just a scrapbooking-type site! Thanks for sharing.

Hope you're having a great week and happy A to Z!!