Monday, April 23, 2012


Do you wish you could clean the house in less time? Prep several meals at once? Stretch shoes that are too small?

We could all use some tips and helpful hints from time to time to make our lives just a little bit--or maybe even a lot--easier. Whether you're interested in information about cleaning, exercising, decorating, or something completely different, you're sure to find some great tips on Pinterest.

When people discover great tips that help them save time and use less effort while providing a better result, they love to share them with others. Pinterest users especially enjoy paying it forward; many of them have pinboards dedicated to tips, helpful hints, and other useful information. Some of these tips have been known for a long time but can be forgotten until they start making the rounds on Pinterest; others are new ways to improve our lives.

While not every tip is right for everyone, you're sure to find some fantastic ways to make your life easier. To get you started, here are a pinboards dedicated to tips and helpful hints:

Tara Rowley - Helpful tips & good ideas

Jana B - Helpful Tips

Sharon - Tips... Tips... Tips

Marcy Boatman - Tips tips tips

Krystle Fletcher - Helpful, Helpful, Helpful

Savannah Criddle - Helpful Hints


Scribbles From Jenn said...

Thanks for the tips. I'd love to clean my house in less time, but I'd love it even more if someone else did it for me.

Happy A to Z-ing!

Sherri Lackey said...

Tips. Just one of many of the useful ways to use Pinterest. I saw someone else's post a few days ago which highlighted using Pinterest as a news source. I had never thought to check on what's happening in the news through Pinterest until reading that!