Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Most people have favorite products that they tend to buy frequently. Many of them are Pinterest users who enjoy pinning images of their favorites. In addition, products even have their own category.

There are advantages to pinning images of products. These images, along with some information about the products, can spark interest from people who haven't tried them. It's also possible that the manufacturers will notice the show of support, which can't hurt, especially if your favorites tend to be discontinued.

In addition to pinboards of favorite products, other possibilities include:
- favorite discontinued products
- products made locally
- products you wish were available in your area
- essential items for a hobby, new home, new pet, etc.
- products you liked until they were "improved"
- products you'd like to try
- gift ideas
- products you're selling

I recently made a Favorite Products pinboard to showcase some of my favorites. Here are just a few of the many other boards featuring products:

Karen Lagee - Favorite Products

Kylee Wood - Products I Love

deb c. - products i heart

Siv Ottem - products i miss

Haute Hands - My Products

Leah Fung - Crazy about office supplies